Calderbank HR
Employment Law Specialists

Calderbank HR was formed to tell employers what they can do, not what they cant!

We offer agile, responsive and commercially aware employment law, HR support & Tribunal Representation on an affordable fixed monthly fee which is based on employee headcount.

Prices start at £200 per month (plus VAT) which provides constant on-going support to employers with up to 20 headcount. As headcount rises so does the cost, though we apply a reduced unit cost per head as workforce numbers increase and please do contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Unlike most others we are confident enough in our services to not tie you in to lengthy contracts. In fact we don't tie you in at all! We operate on a rolling monthly basis: If for any reason it wasn't for you then you would simply not renew the following month.

Our Director Stephen Calderbank himself a practitioner with 38 years experience observes “We hate fence-sitting! We will always have a view and commit to guiding our employer clients towards imaginative, effective and business-sensible outcomes across every touch point with their workforce”.

Please take a look round our site to see what we can do and how we do it. If you would like to ask a question, or even just subscribe to our free newsletter please contact us.

Calderbank HR is not a practice that is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and as such you will not have the same rights of redress.

Law done differently

We use a novel approach to how we charge for our services to which eliminates unexpected bills and allows you to plan better.

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We provide a variety of training courses including bespoke ones just for your business encompassing various areas of business and law.

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We can assist with workplace mediation to help resolve conflicts and remove the distraction they cause - getting you back to being able to concentrate on the business at hand.

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